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A bitter Sally opens her new one-woman show called "Jerry Seinfeld, the Devil" where she complains about him. Unsurprisingly, Newman becomes a big fan. But each time Jerry confronts her about it, she adds his angry remarks to her show.

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Jerry eventually threatens her with a cease and desist order and cuts of all communication. Elaine gets her cartoon published The New Yorker. She is delighted, until she shows it to her boss J. Peterman , who discovers that it was plagiarized from a Ziggy comic. Elaine later supposes that she copied it subconsciously because her boyfriend David Puddy has Ziggy bedsheets.

Sally runs into Kramer at Monk's and is unhappy about her lack of material due to Jerry ending all communication. She prompts Kramer out of his vow of silence and he provides her with a whole new series of secrets about Jerry for her show. An uncomfortable George is desperate to learn that his relationship with Janet is not about her appearance.

But she makes him feel worse when she reminisces that all of his first comments to her were about her looks. When she gets gum in her hair at dinner she goes home to cut her hair, revealing a new hairstyle that looks exactly like Jerry's hair. A horrified George runs away. Flat cartoon vector illustration. Man and woman, cute couple using mobile application for talking and love relationship.

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Dating and love, online man and woman relationship illustration. Illustration of a Pinup Couple Locked in a Kiss. Two cute cartoon cupids with a big glossy heart illustration. The file is layered for easier editing. Perfect for Valentine backgrounds, cards, posters and banners. Relationship, online dating and social networking concept - girls holding mobile phones chat, share ideas on the Internet and have fun.

Loving couple is drinking coffee in a cafe. A man and a woman are sitting at a table in a cozy restaurant.

Vector illustration in a flat style. Swashbuckler smelling a rose lovingly on a balcony. Couple characters dating on smart phones hand drawn style vector doodle design illustrations. Vector love graphics collection. Vector illustration of funky invitation with cool young sexy couple. Two people family couple on vacation car road trip. Car interior, people on front row, husband driving.

Flat style isolated vector illustration. Dark Series wedding,love,valentine icon set. A vector illustration of a young couple enjoying the night out. A vector illustration of a skydiving couple. Couple under the tree in city park. Online dating app concept flat vector illustration. Video chat application concept. Male hand holding smart phone with young woman on display.

Video call with loved one. Female hand holding smartphone with boyfriend on screen.

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Online dating, long distance relationship concept. Silhouette of a couple sitting and talking at cafe. Relationship, online dating and networking concept - people sharing information via social media platforms and interacting with icons. Couple on a romantic date. Young man and woman, pair in love having dinner, meeting of two close loving people in romantic relationships in cafe. Vector flat style cartoon illustration.

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FEale hand holding smart phone with young man with beard on display. Bearded man is holding a smartphone in his hand. Communication in the network, dating sites and social networks.

Vector illustration in cartoon style. Vector cartoon illustration of Cartoon girl with laptop lying on stomach.

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Chat, dating, education and search for information on the network. Concept design freelance worker. Virtual relationships, online dating and social networking concept - teenagers chatting on the Internet. Vector cartoon illustration of husband and wife having dinner at the table. Sweet couple, romantic date.

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Funny human characters on isolated background. Love, boy and girl illustration. Young couple having romantic dating and drinking coffee at table in restaurant interior flat cartoon vector illustration. What adds to the comedic take is Jones voices both male and female characters. Black Twitter seemingly tore itself apart over this 3-minute cartoon. Women could not help but relate to the stoic man, and men couldn't believe women dealt with guys like this. More stories tagged with: Dating Black dating Romance.